As for the scooters, helmets are included in the price.

For motorcycles, only jet helmets are included in the price. The full face helmet is available at a cost of €5 per day.

During the high season (roughly from Easter to mid-October) we are open every day FOR PICK-UP from 10 am to 5 pm DROP OFF of the scooters is possible at any hour, day and night. We have an emergency number that we will provide to you at the moment of rental for all rental-related emergencies outside of business hours.

You need an international drivers' license if your drivers license is from outside the EU. To be 100% clear about this, you CAN rent a scooter from us without an international drivers' license as long as the Italian Police can read and understand your license (for example we won't accept licenses written in Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Cyrillic etc etc), BUT...  theoretically you should not drive without one if your license is from outside the EU. 

Abbiamo inoltre una cartina del costo di €10,00 con un tour personalizzato nel Chianti: lo stesso itinerario è disponibile in formato digitale (Google Maps) al costo di €2,00.

Potete anche lasciarvi ispirare dalla nostra pagina https://vesparental.eu/cosa-vedere-in-vespa-nei-dintorni-di-firenze/

All of our vehicles are insured with normal third-party insurance, which means you are responsible for all damages you cause to the vehicle you are riding. Italian civil liability insurance does not cover any damage caused to the vehicle by the driver, so you can choose to pay an additional €20 for "VIP Insurance" that caps your maximum payment at €800 (instead of the full cost of the vehicle). Unfortunately due to the high amount of accidents caused by Americans on our scooters, our insurance company is no longer offering this VIP insurance for extra-EU drivers, so this extra insurance is not available for non-EU drivers. Motorcycles are always covered by third-party insurance, but the deductibles vary depending on the model, so you can send us an email or consult our motorcycles page to see the various insurance options.

Previous experience driving a scooter is essential. If you have never tried one, it is not a good idea to start on roads with a lot of curves and hills. Renting a scooter means you have to safely drive a motorized vehicle weighing over 100 kg (220 pounds) on public roads. Upon signing the rental agreement, you become responsible for your own safety and that of others. We are not a driving school and we do not provide any information on how to ride a Vespa. Once we have explained how to operate it, you will be entirely responsible for your driving skills. Please send us an email if you would like more information about it.

In case of a breakdown or an accident NOT CAUSED BY YOU we will come to pick you up and replace the scooter if possible.

In case of an accident caused by you we will come pick up the scooters if necessary at the cost of €100,00+€3/km per scooter

Please check our page https://tuscanyscooterrental.com/damage/ if you would like to have an idea about what it could cost to repair a damage on our Vespas.

You don't have to book in advance, but in high season (from Easter to late September) we strongly recommend you do as we are often fully booked.

If you would like to book in advance, we accept reservations ONLY via our secure website www.vesparental.eu We don't accept reservations by phone, or online without a credit card number.

It is also possible to send a wire transfer in advance

Yes, we require a credit card deposit of €800 for one scooter (€1,000 for Vespa GTS).

Deposit for motorcycles varies according to the model

We'll never get tired of saying it: there is NO better insurance than your ability to ride a scooter well!

The deposit is fully released when the scooter or motorbike is returned without damage, with a full tank, and with all accessories that were provided upon rental. We do not accept American Express.

Yes, open face ("jet") helmets are included in the price for both motorcycles and scooters. Full-face helmets are available for €5/day.

All of our scooters and motorcycles can carry a passenger.



We sell standard road maps at our garage for €8,50, and a €10 map which has an itinerary of approximately 100 kms through the wine region of Chianti. (This last map will be discontinued at the end of 2023)

We also rent cellphone holders for €3/day

From the moment you rent a vehicle, you become entirely responsible for the traffic violations you commit (and also for the expenses that New Tuscany Scooter Rental may incur as a result of such offenses). In case we get a ticket here, we will pay it using your credit card number, and we will charge an additional €35 for the administrative fees (we must keep your ticket on file for five years after we get it!).

Please have a look at this page on our website for more details https://vesparental.eu/en/domande-frequenti/

For scooters, the minimum age is 20

For motorcycles, please send us an email indicating the model you have chosen, as the answer depends on the power of the bike.

To rent a scooter up to 125 cc you need to bring to our office IN ORIGINAL: 1- Your ID (passport) 2- Your drivers' license 3- Your credit card (if the card is not in your name, the owner of the card must be present, or he/she must send an email with the authorization to use their card for your rental) To rent any vehicle over 125 cc you need the same papers, but the license must be a motorcycle license.

Cancellation Policy

  • From 30 > 4 days before pick-up: 30% of rental fee only
  • From 3 days > 24 hrs before pick-up: 95% of rental fee only
  • From 23 hours > no-show: 95% of rental fee plus delivery cost (if you requested one)