We can deliver your scooter or motorcycle to you, within the town of Florence, the cost is €25 for drop off and €25 for pick up (please send us an email for a quote in case your location is outside the Florence city area). You can also choose to have the scooter/motorcycle delivered to you and return it to our office in Via il Prato 50 red. You can also opt for just a delivery or just a pick up for half the price.

Please note the following details

  • In some cases, your location might be within the Florence pedestrian area, in which case, we will deliver as close as possible to your location, but not directly to your door.
  • We will ask you to let us know the size for your helmet(s) and accessories, but we are not responsible if some equipment doesn't fit you. Picking up your vehicle at our office is the only way to try as many helmets or gloves as you please.
  • At the moment of drop off, you will have to show the following 3 papers in original: (1) drivers' license, (2) passport or ID, (3) credit card you have used for your reservation.
  • Please note the hold on your card will be activated before we deliver the vehicle to you, so if you don't see us at the set time, you might have missed a communication we sent you that your card is not working
  • Please respect our job! we close the office to come deliver the scooter/motorcycle to you. You let us know your time, we will be there within a 10-minute frame: if we are later than that, we call you to let you know. We will wait a REASONABLE amount of time for you to show up, which will be 15 minutes after the set hour. After 15 minutes, we will try to call you or send you a message. If we are not able to get in touch with you at that point, we will then leave and you will be charged for pick up/drop off and no-show.