A note about cost and insurance: all of our Vespas are fully third-party insured, but please note that Italian insurance does not cover any damage you make to the vehicle, and therefore we offer an additional insurance to reduce your deductible from the full value of the vehicle (about €2,500) to €800.


This additional insurancecosts an additional €15/day per Vespa. This is of course optional, but we highly recommend the small investment to avoid major charges in case of damage.

This option is not available to groups, and it is not automatically included with the contract. We reserve the right to refuse this service to anyone, even at the last minute and even if it has already been booked (in this case, it will not be charged).


A Vespa is not a toy, not a bicycle, not a moped. It is a small motorcycle that weighs approximately 250 pounds, can move at 50 mph, and has small wheels. In spite of its “cool” appearance, a Vespa is not an easy vehicle to ride for a beginner Even if riding a scooter is a fun activity, it entails some risks; the helmet we give you are not a guarantee that you will not hurt or kill yourself (or someone else) if you are not competent to ride a scooter on open roads, with climbs, descents, twisting roads, turns, and of course traffic.

No refund is due in case you show up and you realize on the spot you are not able to drive a Vespa: it will be considered a no show and charged accordingly (see our cancellation policy below)


Please be aware that we will charge you for any damage you cause to the scooter, and even a small accident could cost you several hundred euro. The Vespa with its metal body is an EXTREMELY expensive vehicle to repair.

We are proud of our transparency in terms of repair costs as well as of the beautiful condition of our scooters, so please have a look at some sample damages and related costs.

The loss of the vehicle key or documents entails a charge of € 150 (one hundred and fifty euros).