NTSR provides insurance cover as indicated in the policy taken out with one of the companies which is intended to cover fully persons using the vehicle with NTSR’s permission (and not in any other circumstances).



As the vehicles cannot be covered by Kasko insurance, the Customer declares that he or she is aware that the value of the vehicle used is €2500.00 (two thousand, five hundred Euros). NTSR therefore offers an additional insurance cover for any expenses resulting from damage to or theft of the vehicle during the rental period.


The Customer declares that he or she is aware that this sum will also be charged in full for rental periods of less than one day.

The exclusion for this additional insurance cover remains in any event €800 (eight hundred Euros). NTSR requires that this exclusion remain in force in order to encourage the Customer to take good care of the vehicle.



Any accident occurring must be reported to NTSR within 24 hours of the event; if necessary, the Customer must report the incident immediately to the competent authority and send a copy by fax to NTSR within 24 hours from the date on which the report is submitted. In the event that the dynamics of the incident are in doubt, the Customer must not accept liability and must take steps to obtain details of witnesses and any other vehicles involved. The Customer undertakes to cooperate with NTSR and NTSR’s insurers in any investigations carried out or legal action brought.



In the event of faults or damage to the vehicle, which are not the result of wilful or negligent acts on the part of the Customer, as a result of which travelling cannot be continued, NTSR will, if possible, immediately replace the vehicle. If this is not possible, NTSR will refund that part of the rental relating to the remaining period for which the vehicle has not been used.

The refund and replacement referred to above will not apply if the fault or damage is attributable to the incorrect use of the vehicle by the Customer. The Customer must notify NTSR of the incident, following the instructions attached to the vehicle documents. The Customer must not make any decision unless expressly authorised to do so by NTSR. If the vehicle is abandoned and/or is taken outside Italy without authorisation, the right to the courtesy service will be forfeited and the Customer must reimburse NTSR for all charges, both direct and indirect, incurred in recovering the vehicle.

The Customer is not entitled to the reimbursement of the cost of repairing the vehicle if not authorised in advance by NTSR for repairs exceeding € 100.00, the Customer being obliged however in any event to provide documentary evidence of the costs incurred. In the event of punctures and/or damage to the tyres, the Customer must replace the damaged tyres, at his or her expense. The vehicle cannot be returned with repaired tyres. The Customer is liable for any type of damage to the vehicle, including the cost of repairs, loss of value, inability to use for rental purposes or the current market value if the vehicle cannot be repaired or if NTSR decides not to repair it, subject to its absolute discretion, including administrative costs connected with any type of request for compensation, whether or not the Customer is actually responsible. The Customer is obliged in all circumstances to report damage, accidents or acts of vandalism to NTSR and the competent Authorities within 24 hours from the event in question.

Loss of the key or the vehicle documents will be charged at the rate of €150 (one hundred and fifty Euros).



The subject signing this rental letter in the name and on behalf of another person and/or company shall be jointly and severally liable with the person represented for the obligations taken on towards NTSR.


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